Children and the High Drive Dog

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I recently received an email from a colleague out of state, in a quandary over a client who was looking at euthanizing their one-year-old Border collie due to incidents of nipping. They currently have four children, and the dog is nervous, and has nipped people on several occasions. From my understanding, based on the email thread that we exchanged, the dog has not caused any serious damage, and all bites where on a Level 2 of Ian Dunbar

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Teaching your High Drive Dog to have some impulse control

I recently met with a client with a very high drive dog, whom she is training as a service dog. The large, adolescent dog is pretty much everything that I look for in a sports or working dog: high interest in interacting with humans, great play drive, good energy level and mental alertness, and she appears to have a decent structure. Yet, the owner is completely frustrated. The dog has a hard time focusing on her in the presence of distractions (did I mention the dog is an adolescent?) and does not seem able to relax when she needs to. She appears to be always on edge in public, and this has her owner at wit

Dog Park?

Dog parks are a popular destination for many dog owners, even those who have large yards in which to play at home. These parks allow dogs to romp, off-leash, in a fenced environment. For many owners, it is also a place to meet and connect with other dog lovers. To keep your dog safe, follow these simple rules and remain alert for signs of danger.

Dog parks offer an opportunity to let your dogs stretch out and run

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Let’s Go Hiking!

While we are in the middle of winter here in California, and the days are chilly, the weather on most days is beautiful to be outdoors with your pooch, and may actually be better for the dogs than during the hot summer months. For those dog owners living in colder climates, many love to head outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air in spite of the freezing temperatures.